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23 April 2015

My ATC - Home sweet Home

 I was planning to have this done and over with a while ago, but with all my work and with my other half away this week my free time was shrunk to almost non-existence... So I have been using every single free second existent and non-existent to complete my card... Suffice to say that today I am still far from completing it... I still have to stitch the two halves of it, front and back together.

To get it as it is now, I had to bring it to work today to stitch it during my lunch break... Tonight I will be giving it the extra mile to post it in time tomorrow. Of course with all the hurriness I am inflicting on my little card, it is far from perfect and even further from my initial vision of it. Still looks cute I think!

The theme of this ATC swap is "Home sweet home".  My card´s concept is a story of a young family, mum dad a little baby (Not sure is the baby can be clearly understood though... the white and blue bits are suppose to be the blanket that involves the baby...) that is arriving to their new home. Home in this case has two meanings, as home, the built house, opening the doors to receive the new family... And most importantly home, as your family, home that could be anywhere and anything as long as the family is together...

Here are some pictures of my ATC as it is now...:

I loved the detail of the house´s doors, that can actually be opened! The little pink bow was a last minute idea, but adds some cuteness too... I was trying to have a sweet sweet card. I just hope that is not too childish...

I was able to finish tonight a handmade envelope where the ATC will be inserted. You can see bits of it in the picture below.

It is  a bit different from my original design:

I had to simplify bits of it, dropped the idea of the suitcase and the road... And added some bushes instead...

But the very final judgement will come from my swap partner. I do hope she enjoys it!


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 Did you enjoy my card? Stop by this post for the complete finished look...


  1. What a lovely card you have made, Ann! It's not childish at all but rather sweet. I am sure your partner will love it. I love your interpretation of the theme, the soft colours of the card and all the tiny details and different stitches. Opening doors - how great is that! You even managed to make a cute envelope for the card. Absolutely sweet!

    1. Oh thank you so much Larisa! I am chuffed by your lovely coments! I really enjoyed creating this card, the whole ATC experience has been really fantastic, and I can't wait to be part of next one! Now let's wait and see how my receiving partner feels about my little card... :)

  2. Wow, you're really talented. It took me ages to do a really simple cross stitch, with a plan. And even then I messed up a big part of it.

    1. Thank you! This is not as hard as seems to be, it does take a bit of patience.. :)

  3. That is so lovely Ann, I adore it. And really enjoyed seeing how you worked from the design to the finished card - we all have to adapt as we go!

    1. Thank you Ali! I enjoyed the whole swap process and stitching every bit of my card! Can´t wait for the next swap! :)x


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