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16 August 2014

DIY: Temporarily hang wall paper, part 2

One of my popular posts is this one, where I blogged about how I temporarily hanged wall paper. I updated this post a while back, but I intend to write today in more detail about our experience when removing it and  add some more tips.

If you intend to temporarily hang wall paper, you can also take a look at this other post, where I wrote about other solutions besides the one I chose to try out. I hope that helps you!

Now another solution that I learned about since then....At the time, when I used a permanent wall paper, I was not aware that there was removable wall paper already available in the market. Not that it matter really, as I intended to use wall paper that I had purchased at clearance anyway. But as a rental solution, for whoever is looking to have some little extra love at the walls, removable wall paper could be considered. Now, you can find it at several stores in the U.S. as this at Given Campbell, as in the U.K. as wallAtac. I never tried removable wall paper, but I found this blog post from Oh Happy Day, where they describe their experience with the removable wall paper.

For what I could learn, with removable wall paper you should have to paint your walls after using it. That also happened to me after removing the double side tape.... and for the same reason!
But lets describe all from the beginning. I didn’t exactly follow all the recommendations for the way that I chose to hang temporary wallpaper. I am always trying to do some shortcuts... And in this case I skipped a step, I didn’t use masking tape.

I don’t know what you are expecting when removing the temporary wall paper, but I wasn’t inclined having to paint a wall after the removal...yes, I am lazy that way! It may have ended differently if using the masking tape. But, anyways I was happy with the result at the end, and it still was easy to apply and easy to remove anyway... So, for me the only issue was after removing the double side tape, the wall had major leftovers of glue. Hence, painting the wall.

Feel free to comment any questions you may have...! I would love to hear from you and help you the best way I can...!



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  2. Thanks for this! I was not aware that temporary walls were also available in the market!


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