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18 August 2014

My next project: a first attempt to sew a dress with a pattern...!

Oh yes, I am going to try it out....! I am a bit daunted by this project though... Am I able to pull this one off? But, hey there’s a first time to everything, and at least I am trying it before rejecting the idea of patterns completely. My main problem is that I am completely and utterly unable to follow instructions, even IKEA ones! Let’s say that following instructions definitely is not my cup of tea... And secondly, I am always searching for shortcuts...And with sewing there are always several steps that should not be skipped, particularly when following a pattern!

But that aside, I will try it out, and, by the book, or better, by the pattern!

I was not searching for a new project, (there are still so many that I have to finish), but this one fall on my lap. Last week when searching for a magazine I stumbled across Sew Mag, and this month they were offering a Simplicity pattern... 

 And I thought, why not try it out? There’s a first time for everything, right? Actually the pattern was not what made me buy it, but other projects that were on the cover. But let’s leave this for later... 

I will start this one next weekend... First I have to gather the courage to tackle it... Because the first idea that cross my mind when opening the pattern was...Well, the name is all wrong, they should have called these ones “complexity patterns”.... And then, when looking at the sleeves I thought about altering those completely.. Well that says a lot, I still haven’t started and I am already thinking about changing the pattern!

What about you, have you ever used or thought about using a pattern? How was your experience?


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