10 August 2014

DIY tutorial: Birds silhouette Wall art

For a while now I wanted to paint this wall-art, but never had the time to do it. This weekend, fortunately enough I had a little time to get it done.
It is quite easy, and it’s really cute for a little boys room.
For this project I used basic painting materials: stretched canvas, blue and white acrylic paint (but you can selectd two other contrasting colours) and medium and small size brushes.

The steps:
1: select and draw a simple birds silhouette drawing to paint
2: paint the whole canvas with blue (or other colour of your choice) using the medium size brush
3: draw the birds silhouette on top of the background colour
4: paint the birds silhouette in white (or other colour of your choice) using the small size brush
....and it´s done!

The silhouette birds are inspired from this painting from handpainting Etsy shop (visit the sop here).

Here are some pictures of  parts of the procedure:

Can´t wait to hang this one!


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