08 August 2014

Hoarding fabrics! Discovering more fabric stores!

Its official, I am addicted to fabrics. I just can’t seem to be able to stop hoarding fabrics. And so, the projects to use those same fabrics...just seem to be piling up immensely!
Don’t you just love Rowan fabrics? I would just keep buying those, if it was not for the price... Rowan fabrics can be pricey! And just in time I was still able to get a few Rowan fabrics in John Lewis clearance:

I am relatively newbie to this, buying fabrics, sewing.... And so, I still don’t know many stores that sell quality fabrics, namely stores that have a good relation quality-price. Actually, at the moment, my store choices are quite limited; I have John Lewis and Fabric Land. The first has beautiful fabrics (To be quite honest I should also say that I am addicted to John Lewis...Does John Lewis has anything that is simply not beautiful? I am yet to find out...), but extremely expensive. As for the second, it has fabrics at a good price, but not so appealing... And due to this, I was extremely happy when I came across this blog post by Very Berry Handmade. I started immediately to explore the stores online... And oh my, this will certainly not do well to my recently-gained addiction.... So far I have more two favourite fabric Stores, Eclectic Maker and Clothkits...


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