11 August 2014

DIY tutorial: 3D heart Wall art

Around the blogosphere and Pinterest I have seen these cute 3d wall art that I wanted to make myself.
I finally had the time to do it! So, I am now posting these really easy to-do tutorial about 3D wall art.
Most of the materials required to do this craft project are easily found in anyone’s house: scissors, glue, craft paper (I used red, but feel free to use other colours or even  maps like this example), and the final product I framed using an Ikea´s Ribba frame.

  1. Gather the materials to use;
  2. Use a model to draw 2 hearts on the craft paper (or maps like this other one, or journals, or music sheets like this example at Etsy, imagination is your limit!);
  3. Cut the hearts;
  4. Fold both hearts in half;
  5. Glue the hearts to each other and then to a hard card;
  6. Frame it, and you´re done!

Here are a few pictures of my procedure:

I used red craft paper because I had leftovers from my butterfly project... 
It´s really easy to do!


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