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20 August 2014

My unfinished projects!

This week I committed myself to complete my endless on-going projects...!

Tonight I finish cutting all the pieces of my elephant softie and finish painting the dowels for my bird mobile... Not bad right?
I could have finished the bird mobile if I wasn’t missing some small vine eyes to attach the dowels to each other with fishing line....

Almost done!
I am happy about having cut all the pieces for my elephant softie. This is one of the tasks that is particularly hard for me as I really dislike the cutting part.... 

And now comes my favourite part! Sewing...! I miss sewing; I haven’t done anything on my sewing machine for over 7 months now!! And I really want to see how my elephant softie is going to look like at the end! I am also curious about how my little one is going to react to my first handmade softie toy!

What about you? Do you have any unfinished project waiting for a little of your time?


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