23 September 2014

Baby and me: A tale of how a new mum takes a shower!

I am not sure how the rest of you mothers out there deal with shower time, but at our home... It’s a story of joy, sadness, stress, heartbreak, betrayal and redemption…! Who would guess that a simple task as showering would create such drama?

Let’s describe it fully…:

Mummy picks baby up for ‘fun time’ around the house preparing the bath, choosing both baby’s and mummy’s outfits…baby goes ‘yeahhh!! Joy time! Time on Mummy’s lap! Yeahh! Seeing the wardrobe! So many colours and textures!’ Baby giggles and jumps on mummy’s lap while having fun trying to grab mummy’s scarves! So far so good, baby is happy seeing new things and mummy has time to select the outfits. So that takes care of the first step…The happy step.

Second step, going for bath …and that’s when the drama begins…! Baby thinks,’ what is this place (the bathroom), so boring and small, there’s no fun to be seen here!’ Baby is suspicious; I believe he senses what comes next. Mummy places all the things necessary for the bath and then places baby safely in the cot surrounded by toys… and that’s when the sadness and heartbreak begins! ‘Nooooo!’ Baby goes, ‘mummy what are you doing living me here (in the cot) when that weird sound is around (meaning the ventilation is on)...?No I don't like these (the toys), not without you!'
And then… The never ending crying begins! ‘No mummy no, how can you leave me alone, all by myself? Don’t leave me!’ . Mummy how dare you betray me in such way?

This is the sadness part for baby (meaning never ending cry while mummy is not yet to be seen…) and simultaneously stress time for mummy…. Having a bath while hearing baby’s cries! Try that, turn water on, washing yourself, your hair, apply conditioning (do I dare go for the conditioner,... oh just leave it! Apply it some other time!) in the shortest time possible while feeling the pressure of your baby! Because babies have an uncanny way of layering pressure on you like no one else!

And now a piece of information that nobody ever mentioned to me …There’s no more relaxing shower for mummy, that is a luxury long gone that I am not sure when I will get back (will I ever get it back?). And why mothers have bad hair days so many times? Try to take care of your hair properly with a baby at home. I dare you.  I     d  a  r  e      you.

Finally, mummy is ready (?) and picks baby up. Heart-breaking time! Just to see my baby  with tears running his little face, looking so confused, and lost, all by himself in his cot (even with toys around, those mean nothing to him, if mummy is not around playing too!)... My heart just shrinks, and breaks into little pieces! How could I do this, shower and leave him by himself in his cot crying? Oh showering, what a shameful thing to do these days….!

Redemption time! Baby sees mummy and waves his little arms! ‘Mummy finally, you are here! How dare you leave me here by myself!’ 

Baby sighs in profound relief while the crying subsides…Mummy is also relieved. Baby is finally contempt and happy again!

Never ever I would imagine that a simple task like taking a shower would be so dramatic! And I didn´t even told the story when I was having a shower,baby was crying and... the postman rings the door to deliver a package!! Talk about  opportunity!

What about you? How do you manage to shower with a baby around?

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  1. Everything is a drama when you have a baby, even the simplest tasks! It will get easier, promise! #MyFavouritePost

  2. It doesn't matter if it's the quickest shower in the world either, it still feels like a lifetime when they are shouting for you to hurry up. Showers are over rated, juts don't leave the house that day :)


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