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17 September 2014

DIY tutorial: Kitchen clock wall-art "it´s always time for coffee"

Today I am sharing a pet project of mine that I have been working on for some time now. I was able to finish it today... 
It is a kitchen clock wall-art! 

The colours in this picture are not quite the real ones....

It is not the easiest wall-art to make, but hopefully in the end it will be really pretty!
And what I used for this project:

And here´s how I made it:

Firstly I draw the coffee cups that I was going to paint, I draft it several times until I got a drawing that I was happy with, and only then I draw it onto the canvas. I painted first the canvas background. Afterwards I painted the cups. I Wrote the text “It´s always time for coffee”onto the canvas and then I painted it (can you tell that I absolutely love coffee?). I let the paint dry for a couple of hours. Finally it is time to attach the clock mechanism. I bought mine on amazon.

 And then its done! Be happy that now it’s done and enjoy a cup of coffee!


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