15 September 2014

Planing for a Baptism!

I am facing an unusual amount of stress lately (besides my PhD, being a new mum, returning to my research and caring for my demanding little one), and why is that?

Because we (my other half and myself) decided to baptize our little one in less than three weeks. Oh yes, you read it correctly, we have less than three weeks time to prepare the Baptism ceremony!
So, we have virtually no time at all to find a space, caterer, a baptism outfit, and all that is necessary for this celebration... Yes, that is true, I am aware that basically all that is truly necessary is to attend the mass, the celebration itself and be there with your little one and the godparents.... But this is such an important celebration that I really wish my family and my close friends to be there, and that means... me and around 50 or more other people! So, as you can imagine I am facing an almost impossible task ahead! 

But so far so good. Luckily I have some really supportive people behind me, my other half, my parents and in-laws, who are being truly amazing, really supportive with all these preparations. And we are lucky, at least one space and caterer are available in so short-notice time frame. Unfortunately the one space that we really want is a no show so far. We are still waiting for a reply!

As I was getting some inspiration from around the web, I found several inspirational blogs, about party planning and party decorations. As my other half would say, I really like to complicate things, meaning that I would really like a pretty celebration for my baby boy. I already managed to create the invitation (and all the invitations were already sent by mail). So I am going with a blue and white themed party. I won’t be able to have a gorgeous celebration with amazing decorations as I am seeing around the web, but at least I will try to have a coherent look whenever possible. These ideas will only be finalized once I have the space and caterer settled....

And here is what I am picturing for the day:

How about you? Did you ever had to plan a celebration in such a short amount of time?  


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