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21 September 2014

My baptism outfit....

After searching intensively... Trying so many dresses, I finally have a dress to wear for baby´s baptism! I have to say, it was really hard coming by a dress that would fit properly...  And  that wouldn’t make me feel that I still have a huge mummy’s tummy!

There was other factor to consider, besides the perfect fitting... I didn’t want (couldn’t really) buy other occasion shoes, or scarves or cardigans to go with the dress, so besides having to fit properly, it would have to go with other pieces of clothes that I already own (and still fit!). 
When searching for a dress a typical question was what to mother´s wear to their babies baptism? I found difficult to get a guide as most websites only consider the outfit that a guest should wear and not the mother. I did found this article that mentioned a rule, whatever is suitable to a mother of the bride to wear to a wedding should be suitable to the christening ceremony. Besides this, I went with my common sense... It should be an occasion outfit but much simpler than one that you would wear to a wedding, a good thing is that there are no forbidden colours (well, I would avoid white anyway).  I also found some trends for last season, as monochrome and florals. 

And here is my selected outfit:

I found this dress at Monsoon, and this little beauty is really flattering. My existing tummy is pretty well camouflaged! The shrug I already owned, I got it almost two years ago on sale at Anthropology. The shoes, I already owned as well, I bought this pair at last year at Kurt Geiger`s sale season to wear to a wedding.

Any thoughts about this outfit?


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