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10 September 2014

Nursery wall art!

Today I will be posting about some projects I have done awhile back.   When I was thinking about the nursery for my little one, one of my favourite projects was his nursery wall art. If you are following my blog, you might have guessed that I absolutely love painting and drawing...
For inspiration I use many different sources!

One of my favourite animations movie is “My neighbour Totoro”. I have to say that I absolutely love Hayao Miyazaki (宮﨑 駿,Miyazaki Hayao) animation movies, but “My neighbour Totoro” is a special one, it might have to do with the story which is so heart warming.... So this would be a normal source of inspiration for my nursery wall art. 

These are characters from the movie, Totoro, the forest spirit and dust bunnies. These drawings were quite simple to do, I just used Canson paper and coloured pencils! The frames I bought on Ikea.

In the background you can see another project of mine, my sihlouette birds. I posted awhile how I made my silhouette birds....

And now just a little note...since my glider is showing in this picture.... I have to say when I first saw some gliders, I didn’t like at all its style, or how they looked like. But, now, I absolutely love my glider! It’s so comfortable!! And the little bench that comes with the glider just adds more to it, when nursing my little one the glider was one of my favourite spots in the house. A few months ago my little one got some fever, and I practically spend a whole day in my glider, gently rocking him....It was the place where he would feel more comfortable.
So, thank you so much mum and dad! My glider is simply a marvel!
Now a close-up of the elephant and little bunny drawings...

I am going through an elephant phase, so elephant wall art was mandatory. These elephants are based in watercolour paintings made by Carolyne Tillery, she owns a shop on Etsy, you might want to check OhHellodear shop! I absolutely love all of her watercolours! To make my elephants I also used canson paper and coloured pencils as well. I also delimited the drawing with a black pen.

When I was thinking about decor projects for the nursery, I thought about keeping it neutral.., But after a while, when I knew I was having a little boy, the colours that I was choosing just naturally started to be dominated by blue tones... After a while I just gave up about neutral tones...

Do you have some favourite  wall art projects?


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