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08 September 2014

Maternity and resuming a new old life


I never intended this blog to be a maternity blog, or even that I would be rambling around about being a mother, or the difficulties that I am going through, but today I am really upset, and so I need to vent some steam somewhere, and so blogging seems the perfect way to do so…!

Today, I shall complaint about bus drivers. At the moment I don’t own any car, and so I use public transports to go everywhere. Firstly, this seem to be the most ecological way of transport (that is besides cycling, which unfortunately I am terrible at, so that’s not an option to me), and secondly, we have pretty good public transports nearby, which do not justify owning a car at all. Lastly, it’s way too costly to own a car around here… Our money is better spent elsewhere, and the benefits aren’t that advantageous.

Before becoming a mother, I never gave a second thought about the way bus drivers acted, or even how they were driving around (even If at times I would stumble around because they were going too fast). But now, when I have to carry my baby around and a pram and baby stuff and working stuff, I am paying much more attention! 

First of all, they drive way too fast at times. On one occasion my pram almost turned over because of a sharp curve and the velocity that the bus was going. The bus driver didn’t even give it a look, or ensured that we were alright.
Furthermore, they never wait until the pram is safely parked before starting to drive after we get in. I really hate that! Several times I almost stumbled over because of it! Does it really take much of the route time waiting a little bit before making sure that the pram is fully parked? Finally, they never lower the bus to make it easier on the pram to get in. It doesn’t take much, it just takes to push a button, but rarely bus drivers do so. I know this should be applied on people in wheelchairs, or with reduced mobility, but couldn't this be extended to prams as well? The issue here is that sometimes the gap between the bus and the pavement is such that is really difficult to get the pram inside the bus but most of the times the bus driver doesn’t care at all.

I could deal with this pretty easily if it was just for a few journeys, but on a daily basis this is starting to take its toll. 

Consider the extra physical effort on carrying all that needs to be carried with a baby, being sleep deprived and then facing a (most of the times) crabby bus driver that is unhelpful and then having to steady yourself, and the pram so that you don’t fall over the bus! This is the beginning of my day. Every day.

And then work. 

And then my work is just pilling up. And my mental clarity of is simply gone… 

But I shall complaint about work some other time. One complaint at the time. For now, rambling over bus drivers is enough….


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